Abel Smith bank on iPads to enhance many aspects of learning

We were pleased to help Abel Smith School to purchase a bank of new iPads, charger unit and licences after receiving a well-reasoned bid from Headteacher, Daniel Hewitt:

“We want to make greater use of IT across the whole curriculum, enabling children and teacher to capture work that is usually very difficult to capture in traditional books, such as speaking, listening, drama, children's creative ability in language and maths. Our approach to marking and feedback is also changing, so that it is more tailored and interactive. All this work is underpinned by our new online learning platform 'Seesaw' which has been a great success since it was launched in April.”

We have seen a massively increased use of on-line learning platforms such as Seesaw during lockdown which have helped pupils of all ages keep up with and extend their learning.  We also fully appreciate that such platforms will continue to be a strong force for effective learning in the “new normal”.  Daniel showed that Abel Smith are of like-mind, by outlining other benefits the iPads will bring for years to come:

"…Able to share their work at a high frequency with their parents, which in turn will allow their parents to interact with the children learning.

...Support our cloud-based learning platform, so it can be used for marking and feedback, and enabling the children to improve their work much more effectively.

...Children will be able to access their homework online and understand how to use the cloud-based learning system, because they will have much greater use in school. This approach will also reduce our reliance on paper and printing due to the online storage of work.”