Barnwell strive to be practically perfect in science.

We were very pleased to give our first award of 2020/21 to Barnwell School to purchase class sets of required practical books for science.  As Jackie Johnson (Assistant Headteacher) explained in her application:

“These are particularly crucial, this year, due to the restrictions we will face in terms of conducting classroom based practical lessons.”

We are always impressed when schools manage to integrate new resources/training etc with other resources and procedures in a cohesive learning plan.  Barnwell are doing just this:

“For students in Years 7 and 8, members of the science faculty are creating additional resources, to compliment those required in KS4, which will help to embed the practical skills required within science and ensure that our students are confident in this aspect of the curriculum.”

Jackie took some time to explain how the practical books will enhance effective learning of science practical knowledge and skills:

“…these will allow the students to undertake each practical in a methodical, formal manner as required in their final examination. This rehearsal and subsequent formal recording of results and analysis of findings will ensure that the students are confident in answering related questions and, as a result, we are confident that we will see an improvement in overall outcomes.”