Birchwood screen the best work

We were very pleased to give our first award to Birchwood School (Bishops Stortford) for 12 visualisers to be used in science.

Birchwood are very keen to use the visualisers to give whole class feedback on excellent examples of student work, both to show best practice and to give recognition to student’s work and effort.  As Matthew Briscoe, Head of Science, wrote:

Each class will be provided with an opportunity to enhance the quality of their own work and their performance in examinations through the ability to see and share best practice and answers in a quick and easy way in lessons.

“Through the continuation of the new feedback policy across the faculty, the staff will be able to share evidence of outstanding work in assessments and home learning tasks to the rest of the cohort.

It will enable the faculty staff to push those more reticent learners to improve their technique in examinations to improve school outcomes in STEM.”

The application was strengthened due to this cross-over with Effective Learning and we hope the department finds many other uses for the visualisers such as demonstrating experiments etc.