Bromet show the sense of outdoor learning

We are pleased to award Bromet Primary School (Watford) a grant to enhance their outside learning area.  As Ann Turner, Outdoor Learning Coordinator explained, the project will:

“…not just repair our outside learning area but also to add a much needed outside sensory area which the children would definitely benefit from. We intend to add a shelter, (decking), wind spinners, sun catcher, mirrors, a water feature, flowers; this will result in a safe relaxed natural outside environment.”

All the children at the school will benefit from the project…

“All the children in our school have the opportunity to participate in outside learning but there is a great focus the more vulnerable children, those with additional needs who struggle with the confinement of the classroom, children who would benefit from being outside… We have an after/before school club and a summer school club who will also benefit in using the outside learning, with an age range from 4 - 11 years of age.”

Ann augmented her bid with an impassioned argument…

“Playing with sand, water, mud, trees, stones and rocks, climbing natural and man-made heights to gain another perspective should be in every child's education. Human relationships with animals and other creatures can be among our most valuable and soul-searching experiences.”