Brookman’s Park rocket to success

We are very excited to award Brookman’s Park Primary (Hatfield) a grant for a Space Day run by a company called Stargazer.  The company explain:

“We normally start off with a whole school assembly first thing, which is space / rocketry themed. There’s lots of dramatic AV footage and a great narrative, which is exciting and often amusing. This presentation lasts for about 20 minutes and is suitable for Reception, all the way up to Year 6.

We’d then usually follow assembly with 4 x 1 hour sessions of our Rocket Factory Workshop for Key Stage 2;

Rocket Factory 1 – Rocket building workshop
Ideal for all ages and key stages the Starchaser Rocket Factory 1 enables students to experiment with Newton’s Laws of motion by building and flying their own compressed air powered model rockets. Safe, clean, educational and fun, Rocket Factory 1 is supervised by a Starchaser Educator and includes enough materials and rocket launchers for upwards of 40 pupils per session.

For Key Stage 1 pupils we usually provide our ‘It Came From Outer Space’ topic box of space artefacts (meteorite, space food, rocket fuel etc.) to move from class to class for KS 1 teachers to investigate with their pupils (teacher’s notes can be forwarded in advance).

Provided you had the outdoor space, we would conclude the day with the launch of a couple of half metre length model rockets, powered by real rocket fuel which fly hundreds of feet into the air before returning safely via parachute. This demonstration would be carried out on the school field and is suitable for the whole school. If done just before home time it’s a great spectacle for parents too.”

Also included in the day is a discounted centrepiece attraction of a nine metre rocket arriving for display and setting to near-launch position.

This full day session will certainly give a taste of “awe and wonder” to all the children who will also be developing their teamwork and school-leader skills by working in mixed-age houses to launch the rocket. 

Another argument that strengthened this exciting bid is the fact that the project is just part of Brookman’s Park’s push to develop STEM across the school, including investing in staff INSET.  This means the benefits of the rocket day project will continue to ripple through the rest of the school year and beyond.