Brookmans Park’s Lenovo Laptops Lift Lockdown Learning.

We were pleased to award Brookmans Park Primary School an award for three Lenovo laptops.

Understandably, we have a lot of applications for laptops in these difficult times.  Whilst we appreciate the need, each bid still has to explain how the laptops will be used, who will use them, what benefit using a laptop will bring and the longevity of the benefit.  Andrea Pollington (Assistant Head) produced a strong application which covered all these points well.

Who will use the laptops:

“…to support our catch-up groups across the school. Since lockdown we have worked hard to try to close the gap particularly with our vulnerable children, who did not have access to learning at home.

We are running daily small booster groups in maths, writing and reading throughout the school and we would really benefit from at least three more laptops for children to share and become familiar with accessing online learning independently.”

How will they be used:

“We have introduced MYMaths and google classroom as well the continued use of 'Timetables Rockstars', all of which are helping these children to catch up. These computers would also be used if a family has to self-isolate at home for 14 days so they can continue their learning. We have at least ten families that have no access to online learning without these extra computers, as the laptops we already have need to be utilised during the school day.”

What are the longer-term benefits:

“Long term these laptops will support booster groups and intervention groups in all areas of the curriculum and will be utilised by all children across the school.”

How will using laptops help learning:

Lockdown and self isolation have proved very difficult for so many families and the use of these laptops will help and encourage children to re-engage with their learning in their homes. It will give them access to google classroom and MyMaths, so that if they have to isolate they will not fall further behind. At school it will allow them to participate in booster groups, pre teaching and wellbeing interventions. We are very aware as a school that Mental Health underpins everything we do and being able to fully participate and not be hindered in their learning opportunities will boost their wellbeing.”