Broxbourne’s bid is off the spectrum!

We were very pleased to award a STEM minor award to the Broxbourne school to purchase three infrared cameras.  As Allison Pilbeam, Head of Science, explained in her application:

 “…we can run a projects where students in KS3 and KS4 science can monitor the infrared energy being 'lost' into the environment from the school buildings. This would be part of their learning in physics (Energy dissipation and insulation) and give them an understanding of the importance of energy efficiency in buildings.”

 The cameras will help learning about energy transfer, dissipation and insulation as well as bringing to life environmental issues:

 “This would start students' thinking about the need for effective building insulation to reduce unwanted thermal energy transfer from buildings. This is all to do with conserving resources and reducing carbon emissions which affects the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is highly important for students to grasp this concept as global citizens.”