Central Primary get a Suite all-in-one deal.

We were pleased to be able to pass a teacher’s classroom-based PC through our criteria for Central Primary School.  Javier Perulero (Computing Lead and KS2 teacher) explained the need for the all-in-one PC:

“The PC would provide the class with a high quality teaching as the tool Google G-Suite for Education will be used. Having a PC with which the teacher can set tasks, show slides on the smart board and deliver a dynamic and meaningful lesson provides our children with the best opportunity to learn in the classroom. If we are unable to update the PC, the teacher will not be able to deliver lessons through the use of G-Suite for Education which means tasks are not as meaningful and diverse…”

In addition, the classroom PC would enable the teacher to access online-learning platforms and resources.  As Javier explained:

“These uncertain times called for remote education so that our children's learning would not be negatively affected by a second lock down. However, this tool requires more modern computers with is something we are struggling with some of the teachers devices.”

Passing applications for teacher PCs/laptops through our criteria is difficult because we have to be convinced that all our awards are substantially and directly helping pupils' learning and motivation or wellbeing.   However, Javier made a good case for this equipment as the PC will be primarily used to directly deliver more "dynamic and meaningful" lessons to a class and will be enable the teacher to utilise G-Suite for Education which s/he cannot do with the current equipment.