Chauncy Get Kitted Out

We are very pleased to grant Chauncy School a PE Minor award for new football and basketball kit.

As Marrissa Mason, Head of PE, told us, the two sports have been going from strength to strength at Chauncy recently:


In the last two years we have focused on improving our extra curricular clubs and teams and for the first time in 12 years our year 9 boys have been entered into the county league for basketball and our year 8 boys are at a good enough standard to compete nationally. Our year 8 boys have won their first game and are through to the second round of the national cup. However, our kits are in desperate need of an upgrade and students are wearing kits that are 10 years old!”


Judging by the 10-year life of their existing strip, Chauncy will certainly tick our longevity of benefit box.  The new kits will help celebrate the players’ rapid improvement and give them an even greater sense of pride and confidence when competing at these higher levels for years to come.