E.L. Resources - Training Providers

Effective Learning Resources - Training Providers

The following are some starting points for teachers to investigate the training they would like to bring into their schools.  EdufundUK have not evaluated and do not specifically endorse any of these suppliers or courses.  This list is far from extensive and teachers are encouraged to carry out their own research.  We would love to hear about any great training you have had so we can add to our lists – please contact us on our contact form.

Inner Drive

Watford Grammar School for Boys recently won the Edufund Major Award for Effective Learning.  A major part of their year-long Effective Learning programme of activities is a series of sessions from Inner Drive and use of their textbooks.  Their feedback so far includes: 

It has been brilliant! Staff, students and parents have all given very positive feedback on the sessions. Staff now feel they have more understanding about what 'resilient learner' means and have been given concrete examples and ideas of how they can encourage their students to be learners and what are some of the key drivers in terms of student motivation.


Fix-Up Seminars

  • One or two presenters go into schools to motivate teachers and pupils and lead a variety of workshops
  • Workshops include:  I Am Amazing - KS3, GCSE Champions - KS4,  Exam Ready - KS4,  Champion Mindset KS5, Growth Mindset (ALL) and Study Skills (KS4 & KS5)

 Townsend C of E School were awarded an EdufundUK grant for the GCSE Champions seminar for all of their Y11.  Here’s some feedback from the school:

 “A difficult one to measure but the workshop was very engaging/motivating for the students. The presenters were excellent. As a school we got good results so I guess there must have been some positive impact.“

  • They have just (Nov '19) started to put up a series of short, informal "exam-ready" videos.
  • For Lockdown:  Fix Up are now delivering a range of virtual assemblies that will help children navigate this transition stage in a healthy way.   Some of the topics they cover in these assemblies include:  How to Overcome Trauma, How to build a Resilience,  Dealing with Negative Emotions and How to reset your goals for the future.


Glia Learning

  • Owned and run by a Chartered Psychologist with a PhD from the Institute of Education,  Glia Learning explains and then applies the science of how we learn to secondary and primary pupils.  They use highly interactive workshops with fun and engaging activities.
  • Workshops include:  Exam Preparation, Stress Management, Time Management, Mentor Training (for teachers and pupils), The Art of Preparation and Transitioning from Primary to Secondary Schools. 
  • They can also provide a mentoring and coaching service.


Learning Performance

  • Offers a wide range of one-day workshops from Key Stages 1 through 5 as well as CPD and longer term learning packages.
  • Courses include study skills, memory techniques, growth mindset, motivation, closing the SEND gap, well-being and speaking with confidence.


Think Maths

  • Providing in-school seminars and workshops on a wide range of maths topics including maths in technology, sport, games and probability.
  • From the website:  “Our sessions are interactive, engaging and cover mathematical content which will grab the attention of students and inspire them to get excited about maths. We show students the wider world of maths beyond school while giving them a chance to develop invaluable mathematical thinking skills. Our aim is to inspire students to be more motivated in normal lessons.”

EdufundUK awarded Townsend C of E School a Mathematical Magic seminar for groups from years 7 to 10 which resulted in their pupils having...

 “...improved motivation and seeing maths in context”.


Thinking Matters

  • A training company who specialise in helping institutions become a “Thinking School” (accredited by Exeter University).  This is a long process involving senior management rather than a standalone course.
  • In their words, they aim to "create whole school cultures of progress and explicit thinking and put the science of cognitive education into classroom practice."


Thinking Classroom

  • Run by an experienced consultant and trainer specializing in delivering INSET on many aspects of effective learning. 
  • Courses include: Challenge 10 Toolkit, Effective Teaching and Learning, Thinking Skills, Raising Boys' Achievement, Gifted and Talented Provision, Learning Styles and School Transition
  • A good website with masses of free resources and free membership.


Contact an Author

  • Just one of several sites where you can search for an author by name or genre etc.
  • Authors offer talks, workshops, readings etc. and can often be booked for a half or full day.
  • Steve Bowkett:  A good choice for combining writing creativity and techniques with accelerated learning skills.  Steve has had well over 70 fiction and non-fiction books published and offers INSET as well as pupil workshops.  (Self-interest Declaration:  Gareth Mottram of EdufundUK is currently working with Steve Bowkett on an educational book).


School Workshops

  •  A great hub website for workshops in all subjects.
  • Fully searchable with an effective filter system based on subject area and location.


PiXL – Partners in Excellence

  • PiXL (Partners in Excellence) is a partnership of over 3,000 primary and secondary schools, sixth forms and providers of alternative education.  Membership is divided into education phases and special schools.
  • Membership benefits vary across phases but generally include (amongst many others):
    • Up to 4 associate visits and 5/6 national conferences a year plus a network of specialist support.
    • Resources  (inc. interactive and video and app.) for various subjects.
    • Test materials, Question Level Analysis (QLA) and an online data tracker.
    • The PiXL Primary Edge:  a unique opportunity to recognise the importance of character development for all pupils, including wellbeing materials and A Mind to be Kind and life skills.
    • A vast array” of benefits and discounts offered by their commercial partners.
  • 2019/20 Primary membership fees are:  £2675 (over 125 pupils) and £1960 (under 125 pupils) and £3375 for secondary membership (without 6th form)


Action Jackson

Action Jackson of Fix-Up Seminars is offering the chance for free individual confidence coaching sessions in order to trial his new course, Crazy Confidence. Whilst EdufundUK do not specifically endorse suppliers, we have funded a couple of his Fix-up Seminars so far which the schools were pleased with. This is a new offering for individuals which schools would have to evaluate for themselves. Whilst not a program for pupils, it might be suitable for members of staff (who could then perhaps use any appropriate techniques with your pupils).

You can apply for the free coaching by filling in the form. Here are some excerpts from the email that Fix-up Seminars sent to us.

"I've been a motivational speaker for a 20 years now and I'm currently working on a coaching program called "CRAZY CONFIDENCE". A coaching program designed to build INSTANT confidence in the simplest way possible. I realised that the confidence we have is not enough for the challenges we are currently facing in life...

...I'm looking for a group of people to trial the CRAZY CONFIDENCE coaching for free.

...I believe you don't need month to shift into POWER, it can be done in minutes."