Grants Available and Deadlines

Secondary Minor Awards are NOW OPEN

PLEASE NOTE: At present, we can only consider applications from Hertfordshire state-funded secondary schools.

Each academic year we intend to award the following grants to Hertfordshire secondary schools:

Secondary Minor Awards

  • A total of £20,000 will be spread over each academic year and awarded across all three focus areas.
    • The maximum bid for any minor award is £1000.
    • Minor Awards can be applied for at any time until each half-term's pot runs out.  The pot is then refilled at the beginning of the next half-term and applications reopen.  
    • A running total of the remaining award fund for the current half-term will be shown above the application form.
  • Secondary schools may only receive 1 Minor Award in each focus area per academic year (i.e. a maximum of 3 Minor Awards per year, 1 in each focus area).   If a Minor Award application is unsuccessful, schools may apply again in the same focus area.

A brilliant scheme that has enabled us to purchase those 'dream' pieces of equipment that we wish we could buy but cannot justify within our own ever diminishing budgets!

- The Bushey Academy, November 2019


Secondary Major Award (2020/21)

  • There will be three Major Awards of £10,000 each.  One Major Award will be given in each of our three focus areas of STEM, Physical Education and Effective Learning. 
  • There will be no Highly Commended or Commended awards (as there have been in previous years).
  • There will only be one application form (no extension form for shortlisted schools as in previous years)
  • Schools may apply for 1 Major Award in each focus area per academic year (i.e. a maximum of 3 Major Award applications per year, 1 in each focus area). 
  • A school may be awarded the Major Award in more than one focus area in each academic year. 
  • The opening date and deadline for the Major Award will be clearly displayed on the relevant pages of the website each year.  For 2020/21, it is likely to run from January to Easter 2021.


Effective Learning Additional Awards (From January 2021)

  • From January 2021, we will be offering an additional award to further promote effective learning in schools.
  • Each school will be allowed to apply for up to £1,000 to help fund access to online learning and/or outside learning experts.
  • This award will be in addition to the normal Secondary Minor Award allowance.  
  • You will use the same application form for the Minor and the E.L. Additional awards.
  • The organisation/supplier/platform/software you use is up to you.  Having said that, we are currently forging links with organisations and suppliers - getting to know their products and services and hopefully negotiating a discount.  We will publish this information on a “Collaborators” page.  Examples of potential suppliers can be found on our EL. Resources: Online Resources and E.L. Resources: Training Providers pages. **


Here is a little more detail on the two aspects of our E.L. Additional Awards:


Online Learning

  • This is for a project to help implement/improve/extend online and blended learning for pupils. 
  • It is likely to involve purchasing access to an online learning platform and/or software.
  • Some thought as to how an annual subscription would be funded in future years will strengthen applications.
  • Schools cannot use this additional allowance for computer equipment (e.g. laptops, Chromebooks, iPads).


Outside Experts

  • This is to bring in an outside expert/organisation to embed effective learning techniques into school.
  • Successful applications are likely to have an element of teacher training and/or some other method of embedding techniques into the department/school rather than just e.g. a one-day workshop or presentation for pupils. 


 As we grow, we will also aim to help schools in other ways e.g:

  • competions with school and pupil prizes.
  • building an easy-to-use database of other organisations that support our objectives and focus areas.
  • recruiting organisations and businesses to supply expert visitors to schools and facilitate pupil and teacher visits/placements.  Schools will then have access to these contacts.
  • Negotiating discounts from suppliers of educational services that fit our focus areas.
  • invite bids from other counties.

*As always, we don’t specifically endorse any organisation on our links pages but offer the information for teachers to evaluate the resources for themselves.