Grants Available and Deadlines

Secondary Minor Awards now OPEN

PLEASE NOTE: At present, we can only consider applications from Hertfordshire state-funded secondary schools.

Each academic year we intend to award the following grants to Hertfordshire secondary schools:

Secondary Minor Awards

  • A pproximately  £20,000 will be spread over each academic year and awarded across all three focus areas.
    • The maximum bid for any minor award is £1000.
    • Minor Awards can be applied for at any time until each term's pot runs out.  The pot is then refilled at the beginning of the next term and applications reopen.  
    • A running total of the remaining award fund for the current term will be shown above the application form.
  • Secondary schools may only receive 1 Minor Award in each focus area per academic year (i.e. a maximum of 3 Minor Awards per year, 1 in each focus area).   If a Minor Award application is unsuccessful, schools may apply for something else in the same focus area.
  • Part-Funding:  We prefer to fund an entire project as our Minor Awards aim to make a big difference with a little help.  However,  we will consider slightly larger projects with a strong preference for our contribution to be 50% or more of the total cost.  If you are applying to us to fund part of a project, you must demonstrate that the additional funds are in place/committed to the project.

A brilliant scheme that has enabled us to purchase those 'dream' pieces of equipment that we wish we could buy but cannot justify within our own ever diminishing budgets!

- The Bushey Academy, November 2019


Secondary Major Award (2022)

Main Points

  • All Major Award applications may be submitted any time between 21st February 2022 and 6th June 2022 (midnight).
  • There will be three Major Awards of £10,000 each.  One Major Award will be given in each of our three focus areas (STEM, Physical Education and Effective Learning). 
  • Schools may apply for one Major Award in each focus area (i.e. a maximum of one PE, one STEM and one Effective Learning application per school). 
    • A school may be awarded the Major Award in more than one focus area in each academic year.   We judge each focus area in isolation from the others so, for example, winning the PE Major Award does not affect that school’s chances (positively or negatively) of also winning the STEM Major Award.
    • Minor Awards that are given to schools do not affect our Major Award decisions in any way.  However, linking a Minor and Major award is perfectly acceptable.

Application Notes

  • Part-Funding a larger project:  We do prefer the major award to completely fund a project but understand that schools have priorities that cost more than the award amount (£10,000 per award).   For this reason, we are happy to accept Major Award applications that contribute towards a larger project as long as our contribution is at least 25% of the total cost of the project.  There will be no negative or positive effect on the grading of a part-funding application.
  • Itemised costings (ex-VAT) and supplier links: These should be included with the application.  They can be emailed to as a spreadsheet, quote, etc if preferred.
  • Help in applying:  We would advise you to read our “Selecting the Successful Bids” page when formulating your bid.  We are also happy to answer email enquiries ( but our reply will be considered by two judges to ensure we are not giving any unfair advantage to any school.
  • Missing Information:  After submission, EdufundUK reserve the right to contact applicants for missing essential information (e.g. costings, suppliers) if required.  We will not elicit information that could strengthen your bid (e.g. have you thought about X benefit of your project?).


You can register interest for all our awards and grant news here


 Other Help for Schools

As we grow, we will also aim to help schools in other ways e.g.:

  • competitions with school and pupil prizes.
  • building an easy-to-use database of other organisations that support our objectives and focus areas.*
  • recruiting organisations and businesses to supply expert visitors to schools and facilitate pupil and teacher visits/placements.  Schools will then have access to these contacts.
  • Negotiating discounts from suppliers of educational services that fit our focus areas.

*As always, we don’t specifically endorse any organisation on our links pages but offer the information for teachers to evaluate the resources for themselves.