Great Gaddesden Grasp Google!

We were pleased to award Great Gaddesden CE Primary School funds to buy 3 Chromebooks and associated Google device management licences.  Due in part to the Corona Virus, the education sector has become even more aware of the importance of fast, reliable means to connect to the internet and the multitude of learning resources available online.   Sarah Wickens (Headteacher) goes beyond this however:

 "Great Gaddesden CE Primary school wants to begin a digital revolution. At the school, we see and recognise the need for children to leave primary school with a higher-level understanding of digital skills, including: digital literacy, digital awareness and coding - across the curriculum.”

Of course, just three Chromebooks won’t achieve all of that, but Sarah is going to make sure they facilitate a wide variety of benefits:

“Even though the devices will be used for children who need additional support with learning, we will look to allow other children to use them to familiarise themselves with the devices

…In addition to this we would use the Chromebooks to showcase the benefits of devices in enhancing teaching and learning, which we hope we lead to increased funding from the PTA and external funders.

…We also see the devices being used in PE lessons to record gymnastics techniques and routines so that these can be reviewed and showcased to the school. In terms of science, we would look to use the camera to record investigations and apps like Science Journal to record these. Finally, we can use the Chromebooks to create collages of artists that different children are studying.”