Haileybury get the picture when it comes to well-structured bids

We were very pleased to award Haileybury Turnford their third minor award this year (one for each focus area of PE, STEM and Effective Learning).  This PE bid was for an iPad, two digital camcorders and equipment which they will use across all of our KS3/4/5 PE lessons to film for GCSE and analyse movements/performances.  Christina Simeou (Second in PE) put in a strong, well structured bid for the equipment.  She began with the need for the equipment:

“Due to government and exam Board changes in how the GCSE/CTEC PE sports are moderated we now have to film all practical NEA aspects. This is due to there being no visiting moderators due to COVID-19. This will have a major impact on our department and school as we would usually conduct a live, on the day viewing of the sports. Additionally, due to the missed time from schools being in lockdown we now have to collate an enormous amount of video footage of our 6 KS4/5 classes. If we were able to purchase this equipment we would not only be able to film multiple students/sports within school and lessons but we could also allow students to film their individual sport outside of school if e compete at a different/higher level. “

Then Christina explained how the equipment would help address this need and enhance learning and motivation:

“To support with rapid pupil’s progress within lessons we would utilise the iPad into assist with students understanding of skill and techniques. This would further support explain teaching and learning through self and peer analysis as well as providing a visual aid when comparing to examples of excellence.

This will in turn develop and build confidence as student can see improvements immediately and make corrections where there are errors in technique etc this will particularly support our most vulnerable groups as confidence is often something they lack, but seeing their success played back would build and develop their confidence and self-esteem.”

Christina then strengthened her bid by explaining another benefit of the equipment:

“Within school we use attendance and behaviour software that runs through an app. This could be used on the iPad and allow for greater mobility when logging attendance and raising/requiring behaviours support, which is essential for us within the current climate as well as the school specific changes that are occurring.”

And finally, she showed the wider range of pupils who will benefit from the purchase:

“We hold transition days with our local primary schools and we could utilise this equipment when they have their taster of PE. It would be used to demonstrate how effective video technology is, particularly with the slow-motion aspects in support student’s skill and technique development. As well as this, our school is the hub for the local Primary schools’ partnership. This means we host 10-15 sports activities a year at our school which local Primary and secondary schools participate in. this technology would be used to support this and promote future events.”