Haileybury Turnford Go Loopy Over Science

Haileybury Turnford successfully bid for a STEM Minor Award to fund a rewards trip to Thorpe Park to study the physics of roller coasters.  The trip is targeting pupil premium and disadvantaged pupils.


We sometimes struggle to pass bids for trips on the grounds of longevity and the amount of learning that actually occurs for the expense – learning value for money I suppose you could call the criteria.  However, in this case, the application of difficult physics principles to such exciting real-world systems seemed like a great way to bring physics to life, especially when targeted at pupils who may not be engaged and would find such a trip difficult to afford.  Our longevity box was ticked by the fact it was a reward trip for a year of hard work and good behaviour and the experience will hopefully excite pupils about science in general.


As Sam Williams, Director of Science, put it:

The target group for the trip would be hardworking students from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not usually be able to afford to attend a school trip. The trip would hopefully provide a different view on Physics and promote that Science is all-encompassing.

This would hopefully improve student outcome in Physics and aspirations in school life and beyond.”