Haileybury Turnford Have a Clear Vision!

We were very pleased to award Haileybury Turnford an Effective Learning Award to fund four visualisers – one for each core department in the school.  As Danielle Newman, Director of Teaching and Learning, put it:


The award would benefit my students greatly - It would help students to learn better as teachers would be able to model examples using the visualiser and they would be able to share students work. It would hopefully improve students’ outcomes in the long-run. All students within the school would benefit as every department would be able to use one and this could be shared amongst the staff.”


We are always very excited to help schools implement one or more effective learning techniques, especially when those methods will benefit a large number of pupils.  Reviewing and improving on work done and modelling outstanding examples is extremely useful for learning and, with the wide range of other uses visualisers can facilitate (e.g. close-up experiments and text-book displays), we thought this was a great project for us to support.