Haileybury Turnford link up learning with sight and sound.

We were pleased to award Haileybury Turnford an Effective Learning grant to buy 25 webcams and 15 microphones to help adapt their teaching and learning to current circumstances.  As Danielle Newman (Assistant Principal) explained: 

“Remote learning has become a massive part of school education and this will help to deliver this provision more effectively.

The students could receive more effective feedback as they could present their work using the webcams and the teachers would provide feedback. The students could also use the webcams when they have to remote in from home for a revision session - This would really benefit our most vulnerable students.”

Danielle went on further explain:

“Our student laptops and teacher desktops do not have microphones or webcams. This means that students cannot interact effectively with the teachers or talk and respond to questions – This is a huge barrier to teaching and learning.  For example, we are currently doing science demos over MS Teams and our students cannot interact with the teacher doing the demo.