Harvey Road raise wellbeing with a downward-facing dog!

We are pleased to award Harvey Road Primary School a grant for a 5 week programme of Yoga workshops, lesson plans and teacher coaching.  Clare Wallis (School Business Manager) coordinated a strong application, beginning with the identified need: 

“We have identified an increase in the number of children who have suffered increased anxiety levels over the past couple of years. In addition to this, children have encountered emotional, social, and physical challenges during the pandemic.”

Clare then explained what the workshops and coaching will cover and how it will benefit the children, including addressing our “longevity of benefit” criteria:

“The Yoga teacher will provide a programme of activities that will improve the children’s competency and confidence to perform Yoga, in an enjoyable way, whilst encouraging their commitment both in school and at home. The workshops will focus on mental and physical wellbeing and will involve activities such as:

• Developing fine and gross motor skills through games, asana practice and meditations
• Improving social and emotional development through developing friendship groups and empathy
• Using spoken word to express emotions and understand how feelings can influence behaviour, which will also include learning elements of Sanskrit.
• Relaxation and mindfulness through breathing techniques and various Yoga poses to help manage anxiety and to improve focus

The coaching that will be provided to the teachers will enable them to create their own Yoga sessions as well as incorporate Yoga into their lesson plans, across the curriculum. This will ensure that future cohorts of children will also benefit from this investment.

The children will be provided with tools and techniques to help understand and regulate their emotions as well as increasing their level of physical activity in a safe and secure environment. These disciplines can be used throughout the children’s lives by providing them with coping strategies to manage the challenges that they encounter.”