Highfield move the goalposts!

We were pleased to award The Highfield School a grant to buy a set of movable goals.  Russell Kemp (Head of PE) explained the need for the new goals and just how many pupils they would benefit very clearly: 

“We have got a year 8/9 and senior pitch with fixed goals. We were looking to add a year 7 pitch and use moveable goals for this as well as using them in other areas.

They will be used for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it will allow our school to host home fixtures within county and district competitions. They would be used for extracurricular delivery in year 7/8/9, full size games for year 7 and conditioned games for year 8&9. The goals will be used for both boys and girls clubs. We have growing amount of girls playing football and would like to be able to play 9 aside fixtures.

During curriculum time they would be used throughout the year groups and would enable us to move areas to play to avoid waterlogged areas. We also run house competitions and a leadership enrichment programme that they would be used for to assist with coaching and officiating.”