Highwood hit the training Suite spot.

EdufundUK are always keen to help fund highly effective training relevant to specific needs which will be used and embedded in teaching/learning straight away.  We were, therefore, very pleased to award Highwood Primary a grant to fund comprehensive G-Suite for Education training for all their staff.  Anjali Carter (Finance and Premises Manager) explained the need for the training:

“At Highwood, during Lockdown, we provided comprehensive remote home learning through G-Suite for Education, however our knowledge was limited due to the fact is was self-taught over 1 day. These limitations proved frustrating to a motivated staff whose desire was to exceed curriculum and well-being requirements. Having taken advantage of the government's digital education platform grant, we feel it vital to undergo high quality professional training in G-Suite. The comprehensive nature of the training will enable the teachers to widen their expertise and improve their knowledge.

With this knowledge, the teachers will be able to effectively teach all our students in school and also to those remotely (who may still be shielding). It becomes of extra importance if our school would be subject to a local lockdown. Support staff (including SEND staff) are also included in this training and will learn how to enhance the effective learning of all our children.”

We do appreciate being told what training will involve and Anjali sent us the quote from Primary IT Support which broke the training down into:

  • Google for Education
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Google Slides
  • Jamboard
  • Google Meet

When assessing the learning/motivation/wellbeing advantages of an application, the number of staff and pupils benefiting is important and Highwood’s project certainly ticked this box:

“In addition to all the teachers, this training will be deliverable to all support staff and in addition to any member of the school's work force. The intention is that with such in depth and comprehensive training, all 442 of our school children will benefit from high quality effective learning tools whether in school or remotely.”

Finally, by becoming familiar with the elements of G-Suite, the children will benefit for years to come:   

“Equally as important is preparing our children for secondary school and beyond. We believe that by embedding sound computing and technological skills, we prepare them well for their chosen paths.”