Hillshott zone out with beautiful music.

Music Bid

We were very happy to award Hillshott Infant and Nursery School a grant for a class set of 4-hole ocarinas and accompanying booklets.   Sarah Murdoch (School Business Manager) coordinated a strong argument for the instruments in her school:

Ocarinas are perfectly suited to younger hands and with pupils able to use one each, it will provide equal and wider opportunities for all pupils in our school.

All children, including those with SEND will be able to use the most basic 4-hole ocarina. The only other pitched instruments we have in school are glockenspiels and recorders, but they are difficult for EYFS and KS1 children to play and we do not have enough for 1 per child in a class. The ocarinas will be featured in the KS1 curriculum for years to come, creating wider opportunities than we are currently able to provide.

We hope the sound of 30+ ocarinas playing brings joy to the children, staff and parents in class and concerts for years to come!


PE Bid

Sarah quickly followed up her Arts bid with another one for safety barriers for Hillshott’s football/basketball/hockey area.  She explained the benefit of the project clearly:

We are undertaking a full review of the outdoor equipment we have in school for safer play times for all children who use the playground. This includes having enough varied equipment to covers all needs / interests for children in Reception through to Year 2. This means the playground will be 'zoned' for multiple activities at once to keep everyone safe.

The grant would benefit children by providing a safe area for physical education.  By allowing us to zone the playground safely, children are able to exercise and play in a safe way across the whole playground.

The physical zoning of outdoor areas will also prove useful with our phased return to school, particularly as regards the youngest pupils.