Icknield Walk Go Potty!

We were delighted to award Icknield Walk Primary School (Royston) a Primary Award to fund their project to give every child an opportunity to work with our local ceramic artists to make a piece of pottery and decorate it and have it fired in the kiln.  The piece of pottery will be linked to a piece of topic work in class and the type of work will allow a progression of skills over the age range, so each year group will have a different focus. Also, during each of the sessions the teachers will also be given a piece of clay to produce their own object - this will enable the teachers to have some INSET on how to make a clay piece, so they can use their skills to teach children in the future.

We were very impressed by the number of children this project will benefit and the tie in with each year group’s current topic to reinforce and enliven learning.  Our important longevity box was also ticked by the training/experience Icknield Walk’s staff will receive.  In addition to this, the school have committed to repeat the exercise for two year-groups each year to reinforce the skills and repeat the excitement and motivation creating and keeping a piece of fired pottery will doubtless bring.