John Warner pump up the excitement in science!

We were very pleased to give our last minor award of the Autumn term to John Warner for their science project.

The award will fund some additional, high-priced physics equipment that the school could not otherwise afford, and which will enhance pupils’ motivation and understanding.  The items include a vacuum pump, bell jar, Guinea and feather apparatus, demonstration loudspeaker and a National Grid simulator.

The equipment will benefit pupils across all key stages as well as used in special events such as science week and open evenings. 

In a very strong application, Jordan Hipwood (Acting Head of Science), explained some of the experiments that the equipment would be used for and added some compelling arguments: 

Due to a lack of more specialised physics equipment over a number of years our students do not see the exciting practical demonstrations that others may do in other schools.

The intention is to train up teachers in how to use the new equipment to bring an emphasis back to physics and instil a love and excitement for the subject.

And finally…

This equipment will make such a big difference to the engagement and progress of our students in science not to mention motivate teachers to make their lessons exciting and practical whilst trying to ensure students know that there is more to life than social media and living your life through videos which would usually be used to demonstrate these investigations.