Little Reddings show their steel

Little Reddings (Bushey) have successfully bid for a 15 player, Jumbie Class Pack of steel pan drums and playing guides by world-music specialist, Andy Gleadhill.

 As Carly Rissen, Headteacher, explained:

 "Using the same approach that has so successfully helped hundreds of generalist teachers to introduce African Drumming, Indonesian Gamelan, Brazilian Samba and other World Music styles in classrooms all over the UK, Andy Gleadhill’s Caribbean Steel Pan Book will show our teachers basic techniques and warm-up exercises which cover all the elements of music.

The session guidance within will help us progress rapidly through 10 weekly lessons, to the point that the class can perform a range of Steel Pan pieces confidently.

The Percussion Buddies book will show us how to develop percussion accompaniments for almost any piece, whether drumming, choral, ukulele or any other ensemble.”

Carly also strengthened her bid by explaining the wide range of learners who will benefit:

Children within Music lessons, Children's University clubs and our school orchestra will learn a different instrument. Our BME children will feel a sense of pride and inclusion within our curriculum. Music lessons will be fun and ensure depth of learning that will create real musicians. Children and young people at the other two schools within our Trust will have access to these resources too.