Long Marston stretch their children with yoga.

We were very excited to award Long Marston VA CE Primary School a grant towards training and mats to enable them to become a Yoga Trained school.  As Clare South (Headteacher) explained:

“This consists of a day of training with class staff and the children; we are then left with a scheme of work and a contact to support our progress. So we will have trained staff and a scheme to support learning but we will also have a programme to support our child further with their wellbeing. Opportunities for mindfulness and relaxation will be invaluable even more so in this current climate. This work fits beautifully with our school philosophy of working with the whole child.”

Clare strengthened her bid with some of the lasting benefits of Yoga to both children and staff:

“The project is to support our children with physical activity as well as with their mental health and wellbeing. The whole school will benefit including staff. Having time to stop and think is difficult in this fast-paced world and by providing children with these skills at a young age, they will hopefully have a lifelong learning skill.”