Longdean cook up a great plan.

We are very happy to award Longdean a grant to equip 6/7  new Food Technology workstations.  Longdean are running a number of excellent food courses and plan to extend their offering once the new stations are in place.  They find their food technology/Hospitality and Catering courses are particularly popular and beneficial to students in their more vocational pathways and as an additional level 2 course for KS5 students needing to re-sit core GCSEs. 

As Tracy Doyle, Finance Director, explained:

“Our recent OFSTED report concluded 'Staff are ambitious for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Most pupils are well supported' Providing an appropriate curriculum for students of all levels is key to being an inclusive school. Catering is one of the courses that appeals to a broad range of students.”

The equipment purchased will both expand their current offering and last for many years – two big ticks in our book.