Longdean Pupils Present to Parliament

Edufunduk are proud to have helped to fund a small group of children to undertake an excellent programme which resulted in them talking to ministers and having a V.I.P. tour of Parliament.

A group of about 15 students organised a "Send my Friend" to School campaign to help them understand the value of literacy. The students researched and prepared campaign materials, presented to each other, spoke in assemblies and met with their local MP before presenting their campaign to a minister and officials in London.

The course drew on many excellent Effective Learning techniques such as:

  • Thinking Skills - broadening thinking, ideas generation, focussing attention, organising thinking, assessing evidence, debating, creativity methods, dealing effectively with information and emotion/values 
  • Debating/Public Speaking - learning to organise information, prepare an interesting and informative talk, getting to the point, impromptu speaking, control voice/posture and give constructive evaluation 
  • Educational Coaching/Self-Belief /Confidence/Mind-Set/Motivation - developing attentive listening skills, effective questioning techniques and understanding/applying what motivates others and bolsters confidence. 
  • Collaborative Learning - using learning in pairs or larger groups to accelerate and deepen learning as well as increase motivation and enjoyment. 

The students' confidence has grown incredibly, and they are increasingly articulate. They seem to have grown in stature, and not only does the school community look upon them quite differently, but they see themselves differently too.