Mandeville find a tablet for all needs.

We were very pleased to buy the final 4 iPads for Mandeville school to complete a half-class set which they had managed to fund from generous PTA donations.

James Dickenson, Assistant Head, wrote a persuasive application in which he explained the wide range of children who would benefit from the iPads:

“-It would provide a portable translation device to allow EAL access and access to dual language texts, enabling them to engage in class activities more fully.
- PPG and vulnerable children can use them beyond the curriculum during summer school and help access new experiences - this extends their experiences beyond their normal home life during the summer holidays - this brings benefits in engagement on returning to school.
- For SEN children they will be able to access, create and share work through for example Apps and voice to text programmes. This will increase their involvement and engagement with the whole class during lessons.
- In addition, with 15 iPad in total we will be able to use them in supporting whole class teaching, ensuring the whole class are following at the same rate and with the same material.”

We are always pleased to read how a project is versatile enough to help children of all abilities ranging from individuals and small groups to whole classes.