Merryfield “dongle” an irresistible application in front of us.

We were very pleased to award Merryfield Community Primary School a grant for 5 tablets and dongles to help their vulnerable children access online learning.

Erica Cook (Office Manager) explained that the school is in a deprived area and they have high levels of PP pupils who are missing out on learning during lockdown.  As important as this is to address, the school also plans to ensure our important “longevity of benefit” criteria:

“Initially a small group of vulnerable children will benefit from the award who at the moment are missing the opportunity to engage in any sort of home learning due to their family situation. These children include pupil premium and low ability children , who we have worked so hard with prior to the lockdown and now they will fall further behind and it will be so difficult to close the gap for them when the schools reopen fully. The tablets and dongles will be made available to support other children both at school and home in the future.”

The school has sourced some great value tablets which will enable the relevant home-learning activities to be accessed by the children who need it the most and we are very glad we were able to support them.