Moss Bury take it outside!

We are delighted to award Moss Bury Primary and Nursery School an award for a wealth of outdoor activity equipment and also for magnification apparatus for science.

Moss Bury have a keen team of pupil “wellbeing ambassadors” who will use the outdoor resources for “activities including children being able to access art resources, creative dance equipment to promote creativity and team work, yoga mats so that the children can practise mindfulness breathing or yoga.”  The equipment includes such varied things as Art and craft workstations, parachute packs, dance pom poms and streamers and yoga mats.

As Emma Skinner, Teacher and Family Worker, explained in her application:

“The activities would be run by the children, for the children. Promoting leadership skills and wellbeing.”

The large range of magnifying equipment, from hand-held microscopes to binoculars, coupled with recordable talking clipboards will really promote an interest and competence in science.  As Emma wrote: 

“Having the science box of resources will support the spark and interest that the children have for science as this has been a subject that has been given focus in school. The children can have time to investigate their local surroundings and report back on what they find. The lunch time opportunities will be carefully linked to our learning commitment in science, these are linked to the 'working scientifically' skills. The children will have the chance to extend their classroom learning by having access to the science box and one of their peers to support. As staff we are encouraging more outdoor learning during our science lessons.”