Newberries project a positive image

We were pleased to award a grant to fund the majority of the cost of a Laser DLP projector for Newberries Primary School’s hall (Radlett).   Whilst we fully appreciate the effective learning value of classroom interactive whiteboards/projectors, we were initially a little sceptical about the bredth and depth of educational value of a replacement projector for the hall if it was just to be used for assemblies.

However, Jane Woods, School Business Manager, reassured us about this in her application:

“This resource is used during assemblies, workshops, class learning and for small group working. The current equipment has completely broken and needs to be replaced. Our students miss the interactivity this resource provides.”

Thus, the projector will benefit all year groups, from whole-school assemblies and presentations, to entire classes and smaller groups working in the hall.

We always appreciate it when schools shop around for the most effective resources.  This projector has a 4,500 lumens lamp which means it will work even in a bright room; a higher than HD resolution and a 20,000 hours lamp life which will save money on replacing expensive bulbs.

As the cost of the project exceeded the maximum grant, Jane forwarded a letter from the Friends of Newberries School confirming that they would fund the excess and so we were able to approve the application.