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James and Dylan join the EdufundUK team!

The team at EdufundUK doubled in size today as James and Dylan experienced thier first day at work!

They were set the task of finding outy exactly what EdufundUK is all about....


We think that they use thier website to ask schools why they should get one of the 20 minor £1000 awards or one of the 3 major £10 000 awards: STEM, PE and effective learning . If you do not get an award then they let you down gently.



they give teachers mugs and pens and lanyards to children

they drink coffee

for the major awards winner they give them a plaque

they became a proper charity on 23rd jan 2019

they play squash

they give major\minor runners up £1000


pupils can now get thier schools £1000 by encouraging others to enjoy subjects using a poster and teachers decide who wins from each keystage then thier posters are sent to Edufund UK, who decide a winner from each keystage across Hertfordshire.


Its been a very fun day!!



Primary School Awards

The decision by the Trustees of an expansion into the Primary state-funded sector is backed by an annual sum of £50,000.

As the application process is simple, accessible and quick, the intention is to deal with all primary applications within four weeks of receipt. Provided our criteria has been met, the aim is for Headteachers to have the money in their hands within a month, so that the impact of their chosen project can be felt almost immediately.

Primary schools will be able to bid for a maximum of £1000 per academic year across the subject spectrum of Physical Education, Science, Maths, The Arts and Information Technology. Each school will be able to make a single application for the full £1000 or could make multiple bids for different focus areas throughout the year until they reach the maximum amount allowed.

The team at EdufundUK will be on hand to provide support and advice whenever it is needed and will aim to make the process as easy as possible.

With the full Primary School launch scheduled for September 2019, individual headteachers or classroom teachers can now register their school’s interest by clicking here

EdufundUK move into their first office space!

On 4th March, EdufundUK moved in to our first office space at Thremhall Park, Bishops Stortford.  We are delighted to have a professional space from which to work and expand our operations in the future.  Thremhall Park has pleasant grounds to encourage us away from our computer screens and a small café to take a break – luxury!

“This is a great place from which to take EdufundUK to the next level,” said David Butterfield, our Operations Director.

Pupils win £1000 for their schools!

Our first pupil competition spawned some impressive work ranging from interactive posters aimed at enticing younger pupils into a subject to detailed information sheets featuring facts, keywords and complicated diagrams for A level science revision.   Pupils had to briefly explain their work’s target audience and objective (e.g. explain a memory technique to Y11 GCSE students to help with their revision or convince Year 7s that maths really is fun).

The competition was intended to build pupil interest, enthusiasm and knowledge in our focus areas of STEM, PE and Effective Learning with Amazon voucher awards for the pupils (school and county winners) and up to £1000 pounds of workshops/training for pupils and/or staff at three county-wide winning schools (one for each key stage).

Terin won the KS3 award for Townsend C of E school with a beautifully presented and detailed information sheet on balanced diets.  Terin’s work has won her school a study skills workshop from Learning Performance.

 Laila won the KS4 award for The John Warner School with an extremely bright and cheerful interactive poster to encourage KS3 pupils to take an interest in PE and realise it is fun as well great for your health.   Laila is a keen footballer and swimmer and is delighted to have earned her school a motivational assembly from an international athlete.

 Finally, Sadaf won the KS5 award for The Hertfordshire and Essex High School with a very clearly presented information sheet on the respiratory system.   Aimed at both A level revision and to help KS4 students understand the jump from GCSE to level 3 awards, Sadaf’s information sheet featured labeled diagrams of the lungs at 3 levels of magnification together with succinct explanations of just how oxygen and carbon dioxide move between our lungs and blood cells.   Sadaf and the school are thinking hard how best to spend their prize money - top contenders are a sixth form trip to a university workshop/lecture and outside basketball coaching.

 Congratulations to all our school and county winners and thanks to the teachers who ran the school stage of the competition (often as an incentive to produce some outstanding homework).

Inspiring Young Engineers

Tomorrow's Engineers Week is on NOW

The Big Assembly is on Wednesday 7th November

Tomorrow's Engineers week aims to change perceptions of engineering among young people and inspire future engineers. It will be showing how engineers are on a mission to make the world a better place by focussing on topics young people care about including saving the environment, animal welfare, staying safe, health and entertainment.

Visit their website for videos and blogs of engineers explaining their jobs and motivations, registering for their interactive assembly and other links and resources.

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