Nobel gets VEXed at Robotic Competition

We were very pleased to grant Nobel School an award to purchase a new VEX V5 Competition Super Kit.  The VEX robot competitions are a fantastic way to engage and train boys and girls in STEM activities and also to develop social skills and confidence due to their teamwork criteria.  During a competition, teams have to negotiate with other school teams to work in partnership in one or more rounds of the event.  We have helped a number of schools in Hertfordshire set up and/or expand their robotics clubs over the years and have been very impressed with the high level of friendly competition and help between schools.

As Bob Lovelock (Director of Art, D + T) explained:

“Having a new style kit will encourage younger students to take part - we promote the club in assemblies. The younger years will be able to learn from the older students and taught how to problem solve, passing on their skills with regard to coding and engineering mechanisms.”

“Being part of a small but focussed club would also help them develop their interpersonal skills which would help build confidence and esteem.”

Bob also made a strong case for the relevance of the skills the project would provide:

“Stevenage is still a traditional blue-collar town with many opportunities for careers in engineering, aerospace, electronics and computers. Being part of this club would provide students with the opportunity to develop some skills and experience in this area and would help them with long-term career prospects.”