Parmiter’s Submit a Knock-Out Bid!

We are delighted to award Parmiter’s School in Watford a PE Minor Award to train a whole squad of of staff members in Boxercise. 

Tom Clarke, Head of PE, sent detailed information and links about the supplier and explained the economies of scale of bringing the Boxercise trainers into school rather than sending some staff out to one of their training courses.  As more staff can be trained, Boxercise can be also added to their wide range of after-school clubs as well.   Tom strengthened his bid by also managing to secure funding for equipment from the PTA if his training application to us was successful.

Parmiter’s PE department and senior management are very keen to expand their KS4 curriculum in particular and they firmly believe Boxercise will attract some of their disengaged pupils as it is something different.  They have had great success with other non-standard offers such as Zumba and step-aerobics and informally surveyed pupils to confirm their enthusiasm for Boxercise.

We readily agreed with their argument that Boxercise will also help develop self-discipline and confidence and promote exercise as an enjoyable activity – all of which helps embed a lifelong love of fitness and sports.  We are very interested to hear about these relative character effects on boys and girls after the course has been running for a while.

As a final fillip to his bid, Tom was able to have the new course set up early next year as there was a training slot available this December – very impressive!