Presdales bounce back from a loss of equipment

We were pleased to grant Presdale’s School a PE award towards two roll-out gymnastic mats.  Nikki Albone (Revenue Generation Coordinator) first explained the need for the mats:

“Herts Allstars are a competitive cheerleading club who have used Presdales sports facilities in the past. Due to strict controls on the rental of school sports facilities due to Covid 19 this club has found an alternative venue. This has a larger impact than losing the 'jumpers for goalposts' as they have already taken with them their mats that they kindly allowed us to borrow in the past.”

Nikki then told us of the benefits of her chosen mats and which pupils would be benefitting from them in particular:

“These mats are only available from specific suppliers and are manufactured to a standard that ensures that they have a considerable life-span providing a good investment for EdufundUK and the school for the remaining funds that will be obtained from the Dance Evening proceeds fund.

… The advantage of these mats is their size means that there is continuous protection down each side of the trampoline without the gaps when using gymnastic mats.

Presdales runs Trampoline Club before school which is very well attended from KS3 and upwards. Trampoline lessons are held at KS4 with numerous students using this sport for one of their three practical sports for formal assessment at GCSE. It is vital to have the correct safety equipment at all levels but especially so at this level where students will be pushing themselves to achieve high grades.”