Presdales School - Effective Learning Major Awards - Commended

Congratulations to Presdales school on receiving a Commended Award in the 2019 Effective Learning Majors.

Nikki Albone (Revenue Generation Coordinator) put together a detailed and persuasive bid for a class set of Chromebooks, together with supporting hardware/software and a subscription to Scholastic Reading Pro.  

Nikki used some excellent summaries of research into digital learning and assessment for learning to back up the case for the tablets and tied the bid in with existing staff INSET on digital teaching and learning.  She also clearly explained the need for the class set by explaining the current ICT provision, Presdales’ growing intake and the benefit they would bring to intervention groups.  

The bid was further strengthened by excellent arguments for the wide-ranging benefits of the reading program and how this would be made more accessible to students in school by the acquisition of the Chromebooks.