Primary Award Winners: Autumn Term 2023

Here is a round-up of the primary awards granted so far in the autumn term of 2023.   Each successful application has to satisfy our award criteria which you can find here.  We wish all the schools every success with their wonderful projects and are very pleased to have helped them "make a big difference with a little money".

School Location Subject Focus Amount Award Details
Hobletts Manor Hemel Hempstead Multi- Focus £807 Indoor and outdoor equipment for a new sensory/wellbeing room with access to a garden which will provide a calming environment for de-escalation and allow overwhelmed children to reset and rejoin the class or continue learning in a more beneficial environment for a while.
Hillshott Letchworth English £1000 Little Wandle phonics flash cards and books (phase 3) to greatly expand the paper book offerings and ensure a joined-up approach to reading learning from nursery to Year 2.
Stevenage and N. Herts Writing Project Letchworth English £1800 Another year of our ongoing sponsorship of this fantastic project where (this year) 18 Hertfordshire schools cooperate to explore a common text through a wide range of creative ways inc. drama, art and cross-curricular activities to enhance writing skills.  The project culminates in a celebration awards evening.  An estimated 5,000 children across 160 classes benefit from the extended activities.
Hollybush Hertford STEM 1000 4x iPads to support pupils with high additional learning needs in phonics, English and maths using a wide range of specialised apps.  Learning and programs will be tailored to each child in order to help close the learning gap.
Kingshill Ware English 988 Read Write Inc. Phonics Books and speed sound cards.   The bid includes a pack of 600 black and white copies of the colour books which can be taken home to reinforce learning and which include special parents guidance on teaching their children phonics.
All Saints C/E Bishops Stortford STEM 392 A wide range of maths-focussed books aimed at reception and Year 1 to help embed their new maths scheme.  The books will aid understanding of, and interest in a wide range of maths concepts , especially for SEND children and hopefully encourage them to explore the topics further.
Offley Endowed Hitchin English 760 A selection of KS2 multi-copy book packs to use as Guided Reading texts to replace old and tatty current texts with fresh, long-lasting titles.
Graveley Stevenage English 968 4x sets of 7+ Little Wandle phonics books to develop reading in KS1 after the SSP.  This will really help their significant number of SEN and EAL pupils into KS2 by allowing them to continue with a structured reading program with age-appropriate books.
Little Reddings Bushey STEM 1000 A half-class set of Bee-bots and 6x data loggers to enable every child to take part in coding lessons with real-world outcomes and access the relevant units and skills in KS2 science.
St. Michael's C/E Bishops Stortford STEM 830 2X Marty the Robot to give hands-on, real-world outcomes to their programming as opposed to their existing, purely web-based scheme.  Every year group will have access to the robots to benefit from the fun, motivation and instant, tangible feedback to coding exercises they provide.  Digital leaders in learning will become experts in their use and train other teachers and pupils.
Therfield First Royston MF 596 An outdoor reading shed, cushions and artificial grass for seating and book props to facilitate exciting outdoor reading sessions across the school during lessons and breaks.  A local pre-school would also have access to this calming space.
St. Bernadette Catholic London Colney English 952 Multiple sets of Little Wandle Fluency books (Levels 1-5 and 6-10) which provide structured plans for their use in Guided Reading sessions to ensure the books are completed in 2 weeks and develop children's fluency and prosody,  This project addresses issues raised in a pupil voice survey and ensures each child in a group has their own copy.
Tonwell St. Mary's Ware Foundation 375 3x whole-staff training sessions (History, Art/Design and Computing) to increase staff's content  knowledge and help them identify key teaching areas and plan/monitor progression.
Thundridge Ware Multi Focus 644 Little Wandle book pack to enable much better access to quality phonics books for Reception and Y1 and a large shade sail to allow outdoor whole-class story time and other learning such as English, PE and science when it is hot outside.