Primary Award Winners - Spring Term 2023 (Details)

Here is a round-up of the primary awards granted so far in the spring term of 2023.   Each successful application has to satisfy our award criteria which you can find here.  We wish all the schools every success with their wonderful projects and are very pleased to have helped them "make a big difference with a little money".

Please Note:  The Effective/Outdoor Learning criteria has been split into Outdoor Learning and Learning to Learn from January 2023 so some of the past E/OL awards may not pass under the new category.

School  Location    Focus Area   Award Summary  Amount 
Applecroft Primary Welwyn Garden City STEM A range of food technology equipment to greatly improve the available resources and allow pupils to have practical experience in e.g. cooking techniques and using different equipment as part of a new, enhanced Design and Technology curriculum. 1000
St. Meryl Primary Watford Multi-focus 30x Micro:bit starter kits and 10x weather station kits to facilitate motivating, practical activities for computing and science units and in cross-curricular topics and for use in extra-curricular clubs and Golden Time reward activities. 1000
Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary Hertford English 4x class-set of fiction books to boost the availability of high-quality fiction texts for UKS2 which can be linked to their English focus topics and promote pupils' love or reading and engagement in learning. 1000
Springmead Primary Welwyn Garden City PE 16x Mindful Mats with different activities printed on them to improve balance, coordination, gross motor skills, flexibility, leadership and teamwork across all year groups and, in particular, with certain SEND pupils (e.g. with those with dyspraxia). 633
Waterside Academy Welwyn Garden City English Waterside's second bid this academic year was for a range of EY books to promote diversity, inclusion and equality and enable their youngest children to see the richness of their community and the world around them.  This is part of a trust-wide (9 schools) initiative to promote these values. 112
Watton at Stone Hertford STEM A range of science equipment to set up a newly available classroom as a science laboratory and support the whole-school development priority to raise the quality of science provision and achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark.  The resources will plug holes in their current equipment inventory and enable more effective teaching of the science curriculum. 987