Primary Award Winners: Summer 2024 (Details)

Here is a round-up of the primary awards granted so far in the summer term of 2024.   Each successful application has to satisfy our award criteria which you can find here.  We wish all the schools every success with their wonderful projects and are very pleased to have helped them "make a big difference with a little money".

School Location Subject Focus Award Details
St. Nicholas C/E Stevenage STEM A Crumble controller class pack and 3x buggies plus a range of robotic equipment to provide enhance the understanding of the relationship between algorithms and code across the school in a fun, practical and motivational way.  St. Nicholas will train their 24 pupil digital leaders to support teachers and pupils in class with the new equipment, not just in computing but cross-curricularly in English, humanities, DT and science.
Markyate Village St. Albans English Badger Learning book packs for Y1, Y2, LKS2 (Challenge) and new Spring books for 4-11.   The younger books will help re-stock their newly refreshed library space, the Challenge pack will stretch Y3/4 and all the titles feature a wide range of charcters from different backgrounds, cultures and races to help all their children see more protagonists like themselves as well as their friends.
Alban City St. Albans STEM 2x Intelino Smart Trains + expansion packs and a range of other robots and controllers to reduce barriers to the learning of abstract coding concepts like sequence and selection.  Some of the equipment will help bring the youngest children into computing but other items that link to BBC micro:bit technology can be used to stretch the older learners.
St. Mary's C/E Ware English A year-group set of Macbeth texts and a 2x workshops (lower/upper KS2) Macbeth workshops to introduce Shakespeare to children in an exciting,  accessible manner.  The books retell Macbeth in more natural language and understanding is enhanced by engaging illustrations and context notes and the workshops are highly interactive with the pupils using their own words to retell the play with costumes and props supplied.   The school has planned a rich programme of follow-up work to capitalise on the stimuli.
Cherry Tree Watford Outdoor Learning Learning A subsidy for PP pupils to attend a residential course at the Garden Classroom centre with a focus on geography and science curriculum-linked activities.  As well as bringing subject learning to life, the planned activities will also develop their resilience, confidence and independence and help a struggling cohort to bond with each other and their teacher in Year 6.
Holy Family Catholic Welwyn Garden City English A wide range of fiction and non-fiction to refresh their stock of aging library books.  Many of the books have been selected to better reflect the lives and backgrounds of the children at the school and the lives of others to promote a love of reading and understanding people of different backgrounds.   The higher than average proportion of disadvantaged pupils will benefit from having access to the new and exciting books, made easily accessible by the addition of a free library in the playground.
Harvey Road Rickmansworth STEM A selection of indoor and outdoor construction equipment for EYFS and KS1 to support their understanding of curriculum concepts such as the properties of shapes and basic engineering principles with practical and fun tasks.  The equipment will also help vital early-years skills such as collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking and language skills.
Icknield Walk First Royston English 6x Bigmack robust recording/playback devices for a range of SEND children including those with dyslexia for recording their answers and giving them time to write it down,  non-verbal children to give them a "voice" and at independent working stations to playback teacher instructions.  Also, some button-opperated devices for the nurture unit to help their children associate positive results with button pressing.
St. Roses Catholic Hemel Hempstead STEM 5X chromebooks for SEND children to allow them to go through teaching materials and tasks in their own time and/or in a small group or quiet room.  They will also be used to record children's work via photos and film.
Benington Primary Stevenage Multi Focus A wide range of fiction and non-fiction books.  The non-fiction will support their use of the Cornerstones foundation subjects curriculum.  The list includes dyslexic-friendly texts and a range of books on the same topics but accessible to different ages/reading levels.  The bid builds on a successful EdufundUK award from last year and now resources this small school with books to teach across the whole wider curriculum.