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Over £250,000 Granted to Hertfordshire Primary Schools Since September 2019
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Primary Award Winners: Autumn 2021

Here's a quick summary of what primary schools in Hertfordshire have successfully bid for so far in this autumn term.  Schools can bid for up to a total of £1000 per academic year (in a number of different applications if desired)  and the budget is "refreshed" at the start of each term.

We wish them all the best with their amazing projects.

School Focus Area Project Amount (£)
The Wroxham School PE Basketball, hockey, netball and rugby equipment 1,000
Tonwell St. Mary's Multi-Focus Forest School and Food Technology resources 977
Stevenage and North Herts Writing Project  English This year's focus book for all classes/schools and award ceremony contribution  1000
Moss Bury Effective Learning  Setting up a "chill room" 488
Roebuck Academy English Book vending machine 1000
Gade Valley Multi-Focus Allotment equipment 832
St Mary's (Berkhamsted) Multi-Focus Google Classroom INSET 975
Great Gaddesden Multi-Focus 4 Chromebooks and licences 916
 Applecroft  EL/O Forest school equipment, activities pack and training  798 
Therfield First Multi-Focus Half-termly mindfulness workshops 900
Applecroft STEM 4 Chromebooks and licenses for a loan scheme 1000
Greenfields STEM 3D construction pens, refills and design mats 814
Larkspur Primary Academy Foundation A range of music instruments and equipment 937
Hartsbourne Primary Effective/Outdoor Learning Plant troughs, giant scales, multi-tables, balance boards, creative crates 918
Cuffley English Little Wandle Phonics scheme and training 995
Oxhey Wood Foundation 4 workshops and school trip 980
Warren Dell English Book vending machine 1000
Flamstead End STEM Science models and equipment 996
Hollybush STEM iPad charging trolley 855
St. Bernadette Catholic English  Class sets of diverse/inclusive reading books  1000
St. Margaret Clitherow R.C. English Wide range of reading for pleasure books 1000
Ashwell Multi-focus Gardening/allotment structures and tools 982
Wilbury Junior Foundation Historical timeline corridor art 1000
Woodside Foundation Range of musical instruments 977
Oakmere EL/O Junk music garden surfacing and instruments 828
St. John's C/E STEM Electronic, robotic and K'nex equipment 1000

Primary Award Winners for 2020/21

Primary Award Recipients for 2020/21

(Click on the school name for details of the awards won.  Each school may make bids totalling a maximum of £1,000 over an academic year)

S&NH Writing Project 1000 Tonwell St Mary's 992 Oak View 1000 Icknield Walk (2) 998
Broxbourne CE 982 St. Andrews CE 1000 St Nicholas 975 Malvern Way 1000
Pixmore Junior 1000 Central 831   Highwood 1000  Moss Bury 1000 
Gade Valley 992  Kingsway Junior 990  Ashwell 1000  Long Marston 1000 
Little Green Junior 1000 Applecroft 1000 Galley Hill 1000  St Mary's C/E 997 
Manland 327 Redbourn 1000  St. Margret Clitherow (2) 934  St John's Catholic 967 
Clore Shalom 1000  Hertinfordbury Cowper (2 bids) 1000   Featherstone Wood 992  Brookmans Park 1000 
Greenfields 1000  Longmeadow 1000   St. Meryl 1000   St. Mary's Junior (Baldock) 1000 
Breachwood Green JMI (STEM) 980  Harvey Road (MF) 1000   Holy Family (EL/O) 1000   Hobletts Manor (E) 368 
Hillshott Infant (E) 1000 St Paul's Catholic (E) 1000 Roebuck Academy (F) 1000  Therfield First (MF) 920 
St Mary's CE 698 (STEM) 995  Leverstock Green (EL/O) 830  Ayecliffe Drive (MF) 944   Cockernhoe Endowed (E) 779 
St Teresa's Catholic (MF) 1000 Cranborne (MF) 994  Thorn Grove (MF) 998   Purwell (STEM) 1000 
Almond Hill Junior (EOL) 1000 Wheatfields Inf/Nurs. (EOL) 1000        

(Focus Key:  MF = Multi-focus  E = English  F = Foundation  EL/O = Effective Learning/Outdoors STEM = Science, technology, engineering, mathematics  PE = Physical Education)

Primary Awards: Summer 2 Round-up

A lovely busy summer for us - here's a round-up of the primary awards we have been able to grant in the last half of this term:


Leverstock Green C/E Primary    E/OL  Shed, composter, water butt and poly-tunnel  
St. Mary's CE (Rickmansworth)     STEM   Digital cameras, headphones, robot and Beebot mat  
Icknield Walk First School STEM Kapow planning and resources for D+T
Cockernhoe Primary English   Wide range of non fiction texts for all curriculum areas  
Aycliffe Drive Primary Multi-focus   5 Raspberry Pi 400 computers and monitors
St. Teresa's Catholic Primary Multi-focus Interactive Smartboard
Cranborne Primary Multi-focus Wide range of STEM and outdoor equipment
Thorn Grove Primary Multi-focus Equipment to set up a "Garden of Well-being"
Purwell Primary STEM Diverse range of control technology devices
Almond Hill Junior School E/OL Support for PP pupils on Y6 residential trip
Wheatfields Infants/Nursery School   E/OL Sensory room giant interactive bubble column

Therfield track down two, tip-top teepees.

We were very pleased to award Therfield First School (Royston) a Multi-Subject Award for two large wooden teepees.  In a strongly argued application, Tara McGovern (Headteacher), explained how the project would fit into their existing impressive drive for outdoor learning:

"At Therfield, we have been on a journey for effective outdoor learning for the past four years. We introduced 'Outdoor School' in May 2017, where all children had a weekly lesson outside, led by a specialist teacher. At the same time, we introduced greater emphasis on using our outside spaces for as many curriculum lessons as possible. In 2018, we introduced Forest School and now very proud of our high quality, embedded forest school provision.

We have fundraised to purchase outside overalls for all pupils and have created a welly wall to store our pupils’ wellies, which stay permanently at school. We want to be ready, during all weathers, to take our learning outside.”

Tara then went on to extol the many virtues of learning outdoors:

“We strongly feel that this offers a more practical, hands-on approach to learning, providing our pupils opportunities to make real life links to their learning. We also recognise and witness first-hand the benefits on our pupils emotional and social wellbeing by learning in the natural environment. …It also provides opportunities for pupils to learn and develop new skills and to find a voice that we do not always see within the classroom. …Children's imaginative play will be promoted…”

The teepees will benefit a very wide range of pupils:

The whole school will benefit. Outside, of the 5 teachers and our forest school specialist that the school employs to teach across our three classes, the teepees would also be used by other adults overseeing small groups/projects. This would include:

Teaching Assistants leading small groups

1:1 support, including SEN (Autism, Sensory, Additional Learning Needs)
Therapies - Play, Music, Lego etc
Reading groups
Mindfulness sessions

…These will run parallel to our outside learning circle and will be used by all pupils. They will be integral to outside learning lessons, small group and 1:1 interventions and in promoting pro-social experiences during break and lunch times.

…We also allow the local pre-school to use our outside spaces as they have very limited outside areas attached to the local village hall that they use. These would be available for the pre-school leaders to use with their young children.
…I also regularly reach out to the Children's Centre, that are based in the nearest town as they have very limited reach to our parents in the village. I am sure that these will prove a welcomed addition to any 'stay and play' sessions that they lead on site in the future.”

Finally, researching the best quality and effective products/services for a fair price always strengthens funding applications to us.  Tara did just that:

“Ordinarily, these are exceptionally expensive and we are a very small school. Our budget is based on having just 52 pupils. We have seen much more cost-effective versions on the Costco website, and we would arrange for the teepees to be assembled.”

Roebuck strike the right chord with an orchestra of ukuleles

We were pleased to award Roebuck Academy (Stevenage) a Foundation Award for eighty ukuleles.  Lynsey Young (Headteacher) explained how the mass of instruments would be allocated through the school:

“60 would be used for whole class teaching plus 10 for teaching and support staff to model throughout lessons. Additional 10 would be used for nurture classes and musical nurture intervention…  particularly for those pupils displaying anxiety, those who have dealt with loss or bereavement.”

As much as we enjoy supporting new ideas and activities, we are also keen to help with ongoing drives.  Lynsey told us how this purchase would support their push in music:

“We have invested and make use of the Charangra scheme of work at the school. The children love the lessons provided and this has helped in raising the quality of education in this subject area as well as their love of learning. “

Lynsey went on to emphasise the role music has in supporting children’s well-being and confidence, especially as we emerge from lockdown:

 "Music lessons have equally supported children's well-being and mental health through such turbulent times

…Playing musical instruments provides children with the opportunity to express themselves and benefit greatly from the restorative and therapeutic effect that this can have.  Music also enables all pupils to access the curriculum regardless of age or ability

Playing the instruments afford opportunities to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience. It also provides opportunities for those pupils less academic to shine and display talents that may not necessarily be displayed in other subject areas.”

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