Primary Awards Granted - Spring 2023 (Details)

Here is a round-up of the primary awards granted so far in the spring term of 2023.   Each successful application has to satisfy our award criteria which you can find here.  We wish all the schools every success with their wonderful projects and are very pleased to have helped them "make a big difference with a little money".

Please Note:  The Effective/Outdoor Learning criteria has been split into Outdoor Learning and Learning to Learn from January 2023 so some of the past E/OL awards may not pass under the new category.

School  Location    Focus Area   Award Summary  Amount 
Applecroft Primary Welwyn Garden City STEM A range of food technology equipment to greatly improve the available resources and allow pupils to have practical experience in e.g. cooking techniques and using different equipment as part of a new, enhanced Design and Technology curriculum. 1000
St. Meryl Primary Watford Multi-focus 30x Micro:bit starter kits and 10x weather station kits to facilitate motivating, practical activities for computing and science units and in cross-curricular topics and for use in extra-curricular clubs and Golden Time reward activities. 1000
Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary Hertford English 4x class-set of fiction books to boost the availability of high-quality fiction texts for UKS2 which can be linked to their English focus topics and promote pupils' love or reading and engagement in learning. 1000
Springmead Primary Welwyn Garden City PE 16x Mindful Mats with different activities printed on them to improve balance, coordination, gross motor skills, flexibility, leadership and teamwork across all year groups and, in particular, with certain SEND pupils (e.g. with those with dyspraxia). 633
Waterside Academy Welwyn Garden City English Waterside's second bid this academic year was for a range of EY books to promote diversity, inclusion and equality and enable their youngest children to see the richness of their community and the world around them.  This is part of a trust-wide (9 schools) initiative to promote these values. 112
Watton at Stone Hertford STEM A range of science equipment to set up a newly available classroom as a science laboratory and support the whole-school development priority to raise the quality of science provision and achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark.  The resources will plug holes in their current equipment inventory and enable more effective teaching of the science curriculum. 987
Nash Mills Hemel Hempstead STEM A follow-up bid for 18x Micro:bit starter packs and 2x Rugged Robots to build on an earlier successful application for a Crumble Coding class pack.  This project will deepen the computing skills for older pupils as well as help extend learning down to EY.  The equipment can also be used in D+T and clubs and links with coding used in local secondary schools. 471
Cunningham Hill St. Albans STEM 6x Makey Makey input kits and various physical programming kits/robots for children from Reception to Y6 to develop their ability and interest in programming and control.  The equipment can also be used cross-curricularly  eg in D&T to make usable products, geography for route planning and math for sequencing and shape knowledge. 1000
Flamstead End Cheshunt Multi-Focus 2x WiFi weather stations,  2x mini-greenhouses, a wormery and other outdoor learning equipment to facilitate excitement and learning in many subjects including geography (climate zones), DT (construction, food sources), science (rocks and soils) and environmental topics. 958
Pixmore Junior Letchworth Multi-Focus A cross-curricular orienteering package including mapping services, set up, S.O.W.,  lesson plans, equipment and staff training to make the best use of their extensive grounds and provide exciting, outdoor learning in many subjects.  It will also be available to their feeder infant school and local primaries and scouts. 1000
St. Cross R/C Hoddesdon STEM A class pack of 15 Micro:Bit Go v2 starter kits to widen their pupils' experience and improve their attainment in physical computing by allowing them to see their programming in action both in lessons and in the Coding Club. 245
St. Nicholas Stevenage STEM KS2 trip to the STEM Discovery Centre to give pupils hands-on learning in exciting workshops which will reinforce and extend learning in current topics with lots of opportunities for follow-up learning in class. 1000
Sheredes  Hoddesdon Multi-Focus 3x iPads for EY and Reception classes to help them understand and apply internet safety rules, develop fine motor skills (eg Paint), reinforce and develop learning in many areas such as using phonics and counting apps, photo editing and record/review their own learning in Tapestry. 1000
Windemere St Albans Multi-Focus A range of robots, robot books and a digital camera for EYFS to give them staged, early experience of programming and develop the language skills needed to create simple algorithms.  The camera is robust and will allow independent experimentation.  635
Moss Bury Stevenage STEM A second bid this academic year for 7x Micro:bit input/output cards to increase the provision of hands-on coding showing real-world outcomes of programming both in class and for greater-depth projects in coding club. 158
Ashfield Bushey Multi-Focus 30x Micro:bit starter sets and 30x Headphones to help resource and link their exciting new D+T and Computing curriculum with such projects as producing electronic badges and cards and sensing movement and creating online games. 663
Park Street St. Albans English Interactive handwriting program covering Foundation to Y6 to develop and improve everything from letter formation and joining to speed, fluency and developing a personal style in a fun and motivating way. 1000
Icknield Walk First Royston English Bug Club phonics book starter packs for phases 1-5 to develop and reinforce successful phonics learning with bespoke and targeted decodable texts and motivate children with new books that they can read in school and with parents using the techniques they have learned. 830
The Leys Stevenage Foundation A two-day music workshop focussing on percussion giving every class a fun, interactive session where they play instruments and develop such skills a pulse, coordination, tempo and cultural awareness.  The workshops will kickstart a comprehensive integration of music into many subjects throughout the school. 900
Flamstead JMI St. Albans Multi-focus A Crumble computing class pack (30 pupils) to enable pupils to create algorithms and programs and see their effect in the physical world.  Also, 4x book packs ranging from Y3-Y6 to expand their stock of banded books and enable pupils to match their book choices to their ability. 1000
St. Pauls C/E Watford STEM 15X Micro:bit v2.2 starter kits, 6x Blue Bot floor robots and 30x headphones to facilitate a wide range of physical computing activities and cross-curricular links such as step-counters (PE), scoreboard (maths) and anti-poaching collars (D+T), develop directional language and enable individual compositions in music. 996
Letchmore Infants/ Nursery Stevenage English 3x sets of 96 Twinkl Phonics Rhino Readers books to help develop early reading skills by increasing their low stock of decodable books for their chosen phonics scheme. 862
Mandeville St. Albans Multi Materials to reinstate and expand their pond and dipping platform - their site manager and volunteers will carry out the work.  Science lessons/topics from every year group will utilise the pond area as well as it facilitating forest-school style activities and summer school sessions.  782