Primary Awards Granted: Summer 2023 (Details)

Here is a round-up of the primary awards granted so far in the summer term of 2023.   Each successful application has to satisfy our award criteria which you can find here.  We wish all the schools every success with their wonderful projects and are very pleased to have helped them "make a big difference with a little money".

School Location Subject Focus Amount Award Details
Icknield Walk Royston English £170 A "top-up" award for a wide range of books to support the "No Outsiders" scheme.  The books have stories that promote diversity and inclusion and will be rotated amongst all classes each half-term as a class reader and prompt for discussion.
St. John's C/E Welwyn Garden City Multi- focus £976 A range of Bee-bot robots and equipment to support rewritten Computing schemes of work with exciting and motivating equipment which will greatly improve computational thinking and skills such as logical thinking, algorithms, pattern recognition and perseverance.
St Mary's C/E Baldock Outdoor Learning 997 5 days of Forest School teacher training for their pastoral lead to gain a Level 3 qualification.  This will particularly help their SEN and PP pupils enhance their self-esteem, confidence, communication skills and emotional develop and have a knock-on effect for their classroom learning.
Cockernhoe Nr. Luton Foundation 694 A double-sided art easel and a floor pack of building blocks to promote creative play and construction of EY pupils and help them develop their fine motor skills and thinking revision and promoting high quality art and writing.
Holy Family Catholic Welwyn Garden City English 1000 5x Little Wandle phonics book sets for phase 2 and for phase 3 to ensure full access to texts matched to their successful phonics program which will give high quality first teaching in the classroom and enable targeted intervention in Reception and Year 1.
Leavesden JMI Watford Outdoor Learning 927 A range of gardening equipment to reinforce learning of science topics such as plant life cycles, nutrition requirements and structures with hands-on activities.   The garden will also foster a sense of responsibility and curiosity and develop communication and language skills.
Little Reddings Bushey STEM 899 An Apple iPad and 6x Beebot robots for EYFS and KS1 to access the computing curriculum in a practical way which will help their  understanding of abstract concepts.  The iPad will be solely used by the children to access speaking, listening and creativity apps which the Computing Lead has been trained on so she can use them to their full potential.
Little Reddings Bushey MF 98 Gardening equipment to teach children how plants grow and how food is produced and gets to their plate in an exciting, hands-on way which will bring parts of the Science and D/T curriculum to life.
Graveley Stevenage Multi- focus 925 6x Beebot Blue robots and associated equipment and a Crumble Controller pack to enable exciting, hands-on delivery of the programming elements of Computing across KS1 and 2 and develop critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and communication skills.
Brookmans Park Hatfield STEM 900 2 day's of Computer Xplorers' workshops for all R - Y6 to teach and reinforce concepts such as coding, designing, building and controlling as they build their own animal robots.  Group work and debugging tasks will build communication and problem solving skills and staff will build their own skills whilst attending the workshops.
Maple Grove Hemel Hempstead STEM 1000  >50% contribution towards 5x Apple iPads to enable pupils to access revision aids, complete tests and enhance their learning across all areas of the curriculum.  Used for individuals,  in small groups and completing a 1:2 class set, the iPads will facilitate learning using a plethora or apps and recording and sharing work using e.g. Tapestry program.
Benington Stevenage Multi Focus 1000 2x class set of atlases and a wide variety of humanities and science books to resource their newly revamped curriculum.  There is an emphasis on books about courageous advocacy, minority groups and ecology to inspire pupils and help remove barriers to learning.
Cherry Tree Watford Outdoor Learning 1000 A contribution to reduce the cost of 10x PP children attending a residential course which uses forest school teaching to build resilience, independence and confidence and also ties in closely with their geography curriculum.  The experience will also strengthen bonds between classmates and teacher for their final year in primary school.
St. Cross R/C Hoddesdon STEM 450 A class set of Crumble Controllers for KS2 to enable pupils to see and test the outcome of their coding in the real world during programming days and D+T across the key stage and in coding club.
St. Mary's 698 C/E Rickmansworth English 987

A two-focus bid.  1. A class set of Crumble Controllers for Y5 in particular to resource the development of their computing curriculum to incorporate more critical thinking, debugging and physical computing and help them build up to the use of micro-bits in Y6.

2.  A wide range of books for KS2 with engaging plots and characters which also reflect the problems of the real world to enthuse children to read for pleasure, challenge their knowledge and build their vocabulary whilst learning about the world in which they will live and work.

Holtsmere End Hemel Hempstead STEM 1000

A Chromebook charger trolley to facilitate computing in classrooms as their computer suite has had to be repurposed to accommodate SEN children in September.  The school have invested in 30 Chromebooks to enable computing to continue to be taught throughout the school and the trolley should help minimise lost teaching time.

Greenfields Watford English 994

OUP phonics sets and individual books for Y1, particularly to help lower ability children to close the gap and continue their impressive improvement in the phonics check at the end of Y1.  The purchase will allow enough books for one per child to facilitate home reading and capitalise on staff phonics training.