Queens put in a hot bid for thermal cameras

We were very happy to award funds to The Queens’ School for two new thermal imaging cameras.  Hetal Patel, Senior science technician, showed the bredth of the project’s benefits by giving many examples of the topic areas where the cameras could be used:

“Concepts of Radiation are first introduced in Year 7 where students learn about energy from the sun. However, currently we use the camera in the following years to explain these topics:

Year 9 Physics Heat Transfer
Year 9 Thinking Scientifically (Insulating materials)
Year 10 Physics Chapter 2 (Heat transfer)
Year 10 Physics Chapter 4 (Current electricity) - for use with thermistors
Year 10 Physics Chapter 5 (Electricity in the home) - for use with fuses
Year 11 Physics Chapter 13 (EM waves)
Year 12 Physics Waves and Optics
Year 13 Physics Astrophysics

This camera is such a valuable resource in effectively being able to introduce and demonstrate these difficult concepts. There are many other potential uses in the other sciences too. For example, to look at and explain exothermic and endothermic reactions, displacement reactions in Chemistry or for Aerobic/anaerobic reactions in Biology. Similarly, it opens up the possibility for cross curricular links, for example to help understand how different materials that are used in DT are affected by heat, or understanding thermochromic paint used in Art.

 …enrichment through our 'Thinking Scientifically' program where students investigate topics by devising practical methods and setting up experiments based on prior learning and knowledge. A topics that is offered as part of this enrichment is Insulating Materials (Year 9)”

Hetal also explained the depth of the benefit…

“…such a powerful visual towards understanding heat transfer, infrared radiation and allowing teachers to address misconceptions easily.

The joy is in allowing students the opportunity to witness heat energy for themselves. Where the camera has been used to illustrate these various concepts, they always leave these lessons very positively and are more likely to recall lessons learnt.”

Bids are almost always made stronger when relevant staff (and pupils) collaborate.  Hetal demonstrated this was the case for her camera bid:

‘As one of our Physics teachers has said, "It is a vital resource because it is the only way for students to experience something that is invisible (infrared radiation or "heat"). This camera lets them 'see' it and therefore makes it much easier to understand and conceptualise. It is also an incredibly fun demo and makes the subject very engaging for the students."’

As for our important “longevity of benefits” criteria, we have little doubt that Queens’ pupils will be learning efficiently and enjoyably through this equipment for years to come as they replace two second-hand cameras donated to the school over fourteen years ago!