Rickmansworth turn up the heat in technology

We were very pleased to help Rickmansworth School expand their Food Technology offering by awarding them a grant for six new cookers.  Although we do not have the funds available to help schools buy/replace core equipment (or class sets of text books – see How We Select Successful Bids), we do try to facilitate expansion of existing courses/facilities where we can.  The school are currently scoring in the top echelon of Food Technology results despite relying on just 4 fully functional cookers.

Rafferty Gunn, Head of PE and Technology, succinctly argued the case for the Food Technology expansion:

1. Allow more classes to study food technology
2. Allow primary schools links to use facilities
3. Provide extracurricular usage for all years
4. Enrichment opportunities for sixth formers
5. Allows Ks4/5 the opportunity to do GCSE and A-Level food technology