Ridgeway row their way to full strength

We were pleased to grant Ridgeway a PE award for five rowing machines.  Matthew Pring (PE teacher) explained the need for the machines:

“We are currently hamstringed in terms of what sports we can offer. Limited to indoor space with mixed groups. Two of our 5 indoor spaces are dedicated to fitness and it is a staple of PE at Ridgeway. However, with constant use, some of our current machines are now out of use or barely usable.”

Matthew then told us the benefits the machines would bring:   

“The award would provide us with the opportunity to teach children about health & fitness and how to lead a healthy lifestyle with equipment that is brand new.

It would give us as a department, more flexibility when teaching and mean more children can access our topic each lesson.

…to improve our current facilities and give students the best opportunity available to improve their physical and mental health within these current times.

This would benefit all students in our school, from year 7 to 6th form.”