Robots invade Rickmansworth!

We were very pleased to award Sarratt Primary School in Rickmansworth a grant for computer coding equipment to help them in their “digital revolution”.  The project will use Blue-Bot coding robots, inventor kits, circuit boards, programmable mats and sequence cards.

As Nicola O’Hare (Head) and Andrew Young (Digital Technology Lead) explained in their bid:

The addition of practical resources to our school’s digital offer would enable children to develop their coding skills, whilst also taking on real-life problem-solving challenges.

The Blue-Bots in early years and KS1, will give the children a sound understanding of coding and how to set up algorithms. This would then lead the children into more advanced coding, by using the Micro:bits and inventors kits.

We believe that the introduction of these resources will inspire and motivate the children across the school and engage them with the computing curriculum. The resources that we have selected will not only support the learning of current cohorts but will allow the computing curriculum to be supported for many years.