Roebuck strike the right chord with an orchestra of ukuleles

We were pleased to award Roebuck Academy (Stevenage) a Foundation Award for eighty ukuleles.  Lynsey Young (Headteacher) explained how the mass of instruments would be allocated through the school:

“60 would be used for whole class teaching plus 10 for teaching and support staff to model throughout lessons. Additional 10 would be used for nurture classes and musical nurture intervention…  particularly for those pupils displaying anxiety, those who have dealt with loss or bereavement.”

As much as we enjoy supporting new ideas and activities, we are also keen to help with ongoing drives.  Lynsey told us how this purchase would support their push in music:

“We have invested and make use of the Charangra scheme of work at the school. The children love the lessons provided and this has helped in raising the quality of education in this subject area as well as their love of learning. “

Lynsey went on to emphasise the role music has in supporting children’s well-being and confidence, especially as we emerge from lockdown:

 "Music lessons have equally supported children's well-being and mental health through such turbulent times

…Playing musical instruments provides children with the opportunity to express themselves and benefit greatly from the restorative and therapeutic effect that this can have.  Music also enables all pupils to access the curriculum regardless of age or ability

Playing the instruments afford opportunities to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience. It also provides opportunities for those pupils less academic to shine and display talents that may not necessarily be displayed in other subject areas.”