Roundwood Park use a pro-to-type their CAD/CAM application

We were very pleased to pass an excellent bid by Roundwood Park for 3 Refurbished Dell Latitude E7240 laptops.  We are always impressed when schools search for the highest specification resources for a particular budget and Andy Libberton (Deputy Head of Technology) managed to source these fully refurbished machines with a good guarantee.

In a very strong and detailed application, Andy explained how the laptops would be used, said why they would enhance learning and gave specific examples of the topics they would benefit:

“The laptops will be used alongside the departments 3D printers/laser cutters to enable rapid prototyping through the use of digital software installed on the laptops. These will be predominantly used by KS3 year groups and offered to our specialist KS4 and KS5 classes.

Students will gain a first-hand insight into CAD and CAM. They will be able to use the laptops alongside the existing CAM machinery to gain an understanding of rapid prototyping and one-off production, which will be particularly beneficial for:

- Year 9 Mechanical engineering – designing wind turbines (renewable energy).

- Year 8 Aerodynamics – environmental/ greener air travel.

- Year 7 Materials, components and manufacturing – designing injection moulding and casting kits.”
(other examples were also included)

"The three laptops would enable students to make full use of our CAD/CAM digital technology which would otherwise be difficult and inefficient. Our current setup does not always allow students to see the CAD/CAM process in action nor an immediate physical outcome. It will enable a higher level of expertise/learning to be taught across all year groups practising STEM subjects.”

Andy then further addressed our bredth of learning criteria by explaining how the machines and software would benefit other subject areas: 

“… facilitating effective learning of a wide range of topics and subjects, not just within Design & Technology. The skills gained from experimenting with CAD and CAM are transferable and can be applied across the curriculum to provide a greater impact to students’ overall STEM learning. For example:
o Science – rocket structures/ components can be designed and built for Space Club.
o Engineering – allow students to test structural integrity of projects and gain knowledge of forces.
o Mathematics - specialist/ technical tool building, i.e. protractors, set squares and stencils”

(other examples were also included)