Run Forest, run!

We were very pleased to grant Long Marston VA CE School an award for staffing/training in on-site Forest School lessons.  Although only a small school, Long Marston are investing a lot of time and money in developing Forest School activities and training staff in the required skills.

Outside education and Forest School skills have many benefits which EdufundUK are keen to support where possible.  As Clare South, Headteacher, clearly explained in her bid:

“The forest school sessions will be linked to outdoor learning, science and physical exercise…

Outside learning is so key to developing our children's wellbeing and mental health. They will have an opportunity to talk, learn skills and work within a small group. Fresh air can give children more energy for learning. We have discovered this more with the introduction of the daily mile 2 years ago. Providing this learning opportunity will allow our children to access an area of the school we have invested in and haven't been able to use. They are so excited at the prospect.”