Science and Magic at Greenfields Primary!

EdufundUK is very pleased to grant a primary award (Maths/Arts) to the Greenfields Primary School in Watford. 

Headteacher, Kate Day, was exceptionally quick off the mark and, very shortly after our forms opened,  applied for an outside expert provider to deliver specialised STEM workshops to every child in the school.  The bid also included purchasing the equipment required for a thrilling idea to teach magic to Year 4.  The hands-on nature of these learning opportunities will be invaluable for not only learning but also for motivation and excitement amongst pupils.  The award will also benefit staff in many ways – as Kate says:


I also believe that all of the class teachers would really benefit from an outsider inspiring them and showing them what is possible in classes with a bit of imagination and expertise in STEM subjects. They will have their eyes opened to the possibilities of practical lessons where for too long they have not been able to teacher these due to lack of resources.


Greenfields is fighting its way out of a difficult time at the moment in addition to being in a very deprived area with many pupils on the pupil premium register.  We are delighted to be able to fund such beneficial projects and wish the whole school community all the best of luck with their love of learning.