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Over £230,000 donated to Hertfordshire Secondary Schools since January 2018
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Herts and Essex serve up an ace application.

We were very pleased to hear from The Hertfordshire and Essex High School and Science College again this year and even happier to be able to grant them an award for two sets of socketed tennis posts and nets.

Hayley Jones (Asst. Head and Director of Sport) wrote a strong application detailing the limitations on existing access to tennis sessions both in lesson time and for extra-curricular sessions.  The removable nets will help them make double-use of their netball courts immediately and also add flexibility to their new sports centre when it is completed next year.  Hayley aims to make tennis available all year and the nets will be available for community clubs' use in the new sports facility.

Ridgeway feed us an application for a goal third!

We are very pleased to give our third award this year to Ridgeway Academy - a cheque for three sets of netball posts and padding.  Football, basketball and netball are the big three sports at the academy but the first two have benefitted from investment recently whereas netball has fallen behind a little.

The posts will not only help facilitate more training and matches during school time but also help Ridgeway in their push to further extend extra-curricular activities, especially for PP pupils.  In addition to this, they made a good case for needing the nets to ensure they can successfully host their family of primary schools in league matches and tournaments.

Townsend double-up in maths.

We were very pleased to grant a second minor award to Townsend C of E school early in the season, this one for a STEM subject.

Anna Berry, Assistant Headteacher and Head of Maths, has long been a fan of Matt Parker, an inspirational "Stand-up Mathematician" who appears on the BBC, YouTube and on stage and has written in The Guardian.  Anna researched his work and found he is part of a group called Think Maths who give presentations and run workshops in schools.  As they say on their website:

Our sessions are interactive, engaging and cover mathematical content which will grab the attention of students and inspire them to get excited about maths. We show students the wider world of maths beyond school while giving them a chance to develop invaluable mathematical thinking skills. Our aim is to inspire students to be more motivated in normal lessons.

Think Maths offer several workshops and we are very pleased to fund their "Mathematical Magic" event in Townsend School.  As Anna explained in her application, Townsend is in a relatively deprived area of a wealthy city and many of their pupils would have difficulty funding a trip to a maths event.  By bringing Think Maths to the school, groups from each year can have their eyes opened to the "beauty, complexity and applications of maths"  at no cost to them.

Townsend nets our first post of the year!

We are delighted to buy Townsend Church of England School six movable netball posts and padding.  These will allow two classes of students to play at a time and also enable the thirty-strong netball club to play full matches together.

Townsend can now set up break/lunchtime practice areas for each year group and the posts will further help them to encourage more boys into the sport.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice two little white envelopes being handed out.  Find out why in the next news item...  (probably above this one as they're in reverse chronological order!)

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